Crafting is our love language.

We're a modern maker shop that wants to share the art and love of making things with the world.

We've created one-of-a-kind DIY kits for both kids (toddlers and up) and adults. Because crafters come in all ages, shapes & sizes.

There's a special feeling you get when you receive a compliment on a piece of jewelry or a unique gift and you can reply, "Thanks, I made it!". We want everyone to feel that joy of being a maker, without all the hassle of materials, supplies, and running your own art studio. Everything you need is included in each kit.

In these uncertain times when we're spending more time at home in quarantine, we hope our DIY kits help you find peace and calmness in the process of creating something beautiful.

And remember, you don't have to be an artist to have fun making art. Just relax and enjoy the process.