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🎄 Elf Kit - The Busy Parent's Printable Guide to Elf Magic (35+ Creative Elf Setups + Printables)

🎄 Elf Kit - The Busy Parent's Printable Guide to Elf Magic (35+ Creative Elf Setups + Printables)

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Are you tired of trying to come up with ideas when your brain is tired at night? Or do you hate spending a fortune on elf accessories every December? We get it, you're a busy parent juggling a hundred things at once, and the last thing you need is more clutter. That's where our "Busy Parent's Guide to Holiday Elf Magic" comes to the rescue!

We've solved your Elf magic with our printable guide of 35+ Elf setups, organized by date.

Why Choose Our Guide?

🎅 No More Clutter: Say goodbye to one-time-use elf accessories that clutter your home year-round. Our guide is all about using things that you already have at home!

🪄 Magical Memories: Create enchanting moments your kids will treasure forever with fun and unique elf setups that are simple to put together. 5 mins or less!

🌟 Instant Download: No need to wait for shipping. You can get started right away with our printable guide, saving you time and hassle. Our calendar starts on November 24th for those eager beavers and includes bonus ideas in case you need to skip one or just aren't in the mood for something.

What You'll Get:

📜 Step-by-Step Instructions: Our guide is jam-packed with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring you don't have to waste time guessing what to do next.

✨ Printable Templates: We provide you with creative and unique printable templates for elf-sized props, making your elf's adventures even more charming.

🏠 Use What You Have: We'll show you how to utilize everyday items in your home to create magical scenes that will leave your kids in awe.

💡 Creative Ideas: Spark your imagination with a variety of creative setups that keep the holiday spirit alive without breaking the bank.


Our guide empowers you to make the most of what you already own while fostering holiday magic that your children will cherish forever. It's all about spending quality time with your family without adding stress to your busy life and buying more junk!

So, why wait? Join countless other busy parents who've discovered the secret to a stress-free and magical holiday season. Get your "Busy Parent's Guide to Holiday Elf Magic" today and let the enchantment begin! 🎄✨

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