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Custom Kids Tech Time Tokens

Custom Kids Tech Time Tokens

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We all try and avoid screen time for kids, but in these crazy times it's inevitable that we all need to take a break, and it often becomes a battle to know when they can watch, and when they are done.


Benefits of Screen Tokens:

✔ Personalized with the child's name to promote ownership and help keep time tracking separate for multiple children

✔ Empower your kids to be in charge of their own screen time!

✔ Helps them "earn" and "spend" their tokens as they wish giving them the power of choice

✔ Builds early foundations for math and currency with multiple denominations and understanding different time limits

✔ Helps provide structure for the time they spend on devices

✔  A great positive-reward system for reinforcing good deeds!


Each Set Includes:

  • Quantity: 10 tokens of mixed denomination (4 Five Minutes, 3 Ten Minutes, 2 Fifteen Minutes, 1 Thirty Minute)
  • Size: Tokens measure 1.5 inches each
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