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Paint Your Own Magnets: Outer Space Kit

Paint Your Own Magnets: Outer Space Kit

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Our Paint-Your-Own Outer Space Magnet DIY Kit has everything you need to make your own magnets exactly how you like them.

It's a great kids activity for quarantine birthdays and is a fun holiday gift for families that love having inspiration for art activities.


✔ QUICK SHIPPING: Orders ships within 1 business day from Houston, TX.

✔ CUSTOM COLORS: Our paint kit contains 8 unique acrylic paints: Aquamarine, Black, Coral Orange, Bright Yellow, Navy Blue, Bright Orange, Olive Green, and Brown. 

✔ GIFT-READY: Your gift is delivered in cute packaging ready for gifting!



  • Eight bright acrylic paint colors
  • One fine detail paint brush size #00 
  • Five laser-engraved ready to paint magnets (on Basswood Hardwood)
  • Magnetic adhesive backing for all magnets


  1. Get your creativity flowing. Paint your magnets with the bright acrylic pots provided in this kit.
  2. Let the paint dry for 5-10 minutes between layers. For richer color, we recommend 2-3 layers of paint.
  3. If you mess up, just paint them again. Keep going until you find the color combination that makes you happy!

Please Note: Our paint is water-based acrylic so it will wash off your hands and clothes if you clean it quickly. If you let the paint sit long enough to dry, it will stain permanently. When finished, we recommend coating your magnets with paint sealer for protection.

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